Anton Eriksson

I'm a Ph.D. student in the complex systems group in IceLab led by Martin Rosvall at Umeå University.

I work on network community detection methods using the map equation framework. I've also done some visualizations and web applications.

Metadata-informed community detection with lazy encoding using absorbing random walks
Aleix Bassolas, Anton Eriksson, Antoine Marot, Martin Rosvall, Vincenzo Nicosia (arXiv, 2021)
Flow-based community detection in hypergraphs
Anton Eriksson, Timoteo Carletti, Renaud Lambiotte, Alexis Rojas, and Martin Rosvall (Higher-Order Systems pp. 141-161, Springer Complexity, 2022)
How choosing random-walk model and network representation matters for flow-based community detection in hypergraphs
Anton Eriksson, Daniel Edler, Alexis Rojas, Manlio de Domenico, and Martin Rosvall (Comm. Phys., 2021)
Interactive visualization of complex networks
Master's thesis supervised by Martin Rosvall and Daniel Edler (2018)
Tools and Visualizations
Infomap Online
Infomap in your browser. Complete with interactive documentation.
Alluvial Diagram Generator
Track how communities network change over time.
State Network Visualizer
Experiment in how to visualize Infomap state networks.
Understanding The Map Equation
Understand how we go from random walks to network communities.
Infomap Network Navigator
Like Google Maps for networks, zoom and pan to explore hierarchical networks.
Together with Daniel Edler, I'm one of the maintainers of Infomap, created by Martin Rosvall.
NetSciX Porto 2022
Metadata-informed community detection with lazy encoding using absorbing random walks.
Networks 2021
Random-walk models and network representations for community detection in hypergraphs.
HONS 2021
Flow-based community detection in hypergraphs.
NetSciX Tokyo 2020
Tutorial on sparse higher-order networks.
MSCx Salina 2019
Infomap Online and Infomap Network Navigator
Information, networks, and markets (2019-2020)
Modelling and simulation: Machine learning (2020-2021)
Various undergrad physics courses (2018-2020)